11 May 2023

The story of a compassionate innocent soldier's wife... Bharti was married to a military jawan. She was the daughter of a poor but exemplary teacher. She knew education, patriotism and rights and duties of citizens. Her husband was martyred in Kargil war. But still she served her mother-in-law by becoming a son herself. She was proud of her husband's achievements in the army. But she was distressed by the evil tactics of politics, adultery, corruption and unethical dealings of the ruler. The need is even more urgent than facing the enemies on the border It has been done to fight the terrorists in the country, to expose the corrupt people who are robbing the countrymen, to punish adulterers, rapists and oppressors. Bharati's mind was running wild in the society with such a revolutionary thought. Adarsh Kubhandkar duly digested the flat she was getting in Mumbai. What kind of punishment should be given to the ministers who call themselves national servants who take away the umbrella of country guards? Bharti's residence had three to four tenants. All corrupt. Ravi, the son of a teacher, a rickshaw puller and a liquor peddler, was told by Bharti, "Oh, Ravi, you are the ideal teacher's son, behave in a good way." He immediately said, "Ma'am, yes, Mistress! This is what my father was telling everyone. He did not crack the exam papers. Those who failed were not passed. No money was taken for admission. No fake bills were made and all these transactions were done by his colleagues, even Rajros. Maldar became and our pilgrimage in this rented house because there is no money for kidney operation resolved. died became hell dwellers." And Ravi's wife 'Nisha' rudely said "Mistress, your husband died in the war in the army. what did you get Do you wander from door to door for pension? Don't preach to us, do good yourselves." The next day Ravi was drunk and the liquor carriage was also caught along with the rickshaw. He went straight to jail. A foreigner who ran a gambling den in the basement downstairs was found with valuables on the complaint of his own wife and went straight to jail. Garudi upstairs was running a hookah bar. Used to smoke ganja, opium, brown sugar. His daughter-in-law's phone sent him to prison, along with several rants. Many people of anti-social elements who were running unethical businesses nearby went to jail because of Bharti. They were not allowed to get any witness evidence in their favor. Bharti's good deeds were gaining momentum. People and women were becoming aware. Bharti was getting many threatening calls. But she didn't care about them. But with a news, she was shocked and upset. in prison Ravi is unwell with kidney disease. Both his kidneys have almost failed. Treatment is being neglected in the hospital. Ravi and Nisha scold Bharti, their baby is starving. Kidney transplant costs are high. Nisha Ravi's relatives are ignoring Nisha. The use of dialysis has also declined. It has become impossible to get anyone's kidney. Ravi could not control Nisha's grief and the doctor told Ravi, Ravi you are getting life support. A person is donating one of his kidneys to you and is willing to bear all the costs of the operation, and his kidney is being matched to you. Now we need your consent. Ravi and Nisha Harsha said, "Who is that person? May they be well. Let me have life. I will not forget the thanks." Ravi's operation was successful and he made a full recovery. He used to get tiffin from someone's house every day. Today he opened the tiffin and there was a note on it. Congratulations! And good luck! "Oh Ravi, you are the son of an ideal teacher. You

behave in a good way." And in Ravi's head A fringe of light appeared, he immediately said to Nisha, "Nisha! I found a life-giving person whom we had been cursing till now. Oh kidney donor, there is no one else, our 'housewife' is Bhartimayya. The doctor also said that Bharatimaya had forbidden the name to be disclosed. Ravi Nisha ran to meet Bharti in the women's ward. Both of them saluted. met each other Ganga-Yamuna Bhagirathi was flowing from the eyes of all the three. The sky became holy with tears. Ravi said Malikinbai! The taste of truth, honesty, trust and loyalty is different. I have not met any depraved person coming to the hospital who did not take their food or water. Now I am born again. Now my way is only one, to make the country corruption free. Bharatimaya removed all the corrupt people from his house and gave birth to those who had new true conduct. By the sun, a new Satje sattvic ray emerged and the Nisha began to give a fragrant, calm, holy coolness. By the time he did not come out of the bathroom, his wife's voice came, "Hey... come quickly... watch this news... The news was flashing on TV in breaking news. 'Kilon onions reward for giving information about dacoit Ram Singh'... Govt. Announcement...'
Even though I was surprised to see the news, I looked at my wife and said... "Oh, that's right... Whatever That Ram Singh must be caught... many crimes He did.' "Ah, so the government's head was turned upside down by such a reward...?" "Argh the reward for such a big criminal should be kept the same... Why else would people come forward...

"Hey... he robbed the bank and the rich people but now with such a big reward isn't the government robbing the poor...?" "How did the government rob the poor.." "Ah, won't such a big prize deplete the coffers of the government? Then the government will fill the coffers by taxing the common man... then isn't this loot?" "Oh, let such people be free Why...?" "Ah... so we want to keep a reward of five to ten lakhs...? fifty kilos of onions for that... ? "The government has shown this big greed so that people do not fall prey to small baits." Then on my wife's request I read Wrote a letter against the government in diplomatic affairs. The next day many letters were published agreeing to that letter. In two days I was cured. Calls from many acquaintances started coming. I got a new identity in our colony as a social worker. By that time, the opposition party was holding the government on edge and raised its voice against the government, so two or three Siwalas also came home. I got noticed in the paper, on TV. Now I have raised that topic, what right does the government have to squander people's money by offering such a big reward? I was writing nothing like that and giving it to the paper. One such night I was sitting writing. Just then the door rang. inside If someone opened the door at such a night, a man with a black handkerchief over his mouth came rushing in. He came and put the pistol in his hand on my head and asked "What the write in the paper, don't you...?" Seeing him in that state, I began to tremble. "Yes... Yes... Nay... Nay..." I am speechless do not break "Aar... Ek Sang... Ho Nai Tan Nai...... [...] No... Ho... Ho... I write... Who are you?" "Come in..." He pushed me in... locked the door and took off the black handkerchief from his face and said to me.. "My bandit Ramsingh.." "Agaga.... dead now..." I said below sat down "Don't be afraid... listen to what I am saying... Had to listen... I'm not the least bit was going to say "I wonder how much reward the government has put to catch me...?". "I'm afraid... Kilo of onions in the letter..." How? However, I spoke. "Then there's one thing to do..." "What..."? "The government knows about me You will get fifty kilos of onions....of which we will get fifty...fifty" "What...fifty....fifty...?" "So... will you take it all? Then Why have I come." He gasped. "No, no... But you will arrest yourself for a kilo of onions from Patras? I was surprised "Fifty kilos ever...? Oh, I'm ready to die for one kilo... sala re... money now."

I don't need it... I have been accepting all my wishes all my life. What has not been done for women and children... to give an akkha mehina.... to catch me. Catch me and bring the onion... But where did I get that? It's done... the wife has told me that it's not even a pawsher... I feel bad... I can't fulfill one of my wife's wishes... but now I've decided... I don't want to back down even if I have to give my life for my wife.... Do this for me... Inform the police and arrest me At least do this for my wife... He held my feet and sighed started cryingBhartimayya's world happy solution became sattvic. And Bhupali sounded on the air.

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