Why should people read more

20 Dec 2022

My own understanding of reading is that many times in life, we will encounter reality that we cannot avoid, and reading can change us, even support us, and become a good spiritual food.

Our emotional world will also be more abundant, and more importantly, reading can make us calm and allow you to temporarily stay away from the troubles of reality.

Although it is said that reading does not completely change our destiny, it is the most direct way to improve ourselves and make ourselves better.

You must know that ignorance will make it difficult for you to move, and only knowledge can give you a more open mind and understanding to recognize a different world.

Reading can give people courage and people face life more calmly

If a person does not read, his heart will be empty and lonely, and he will not be able to learn the truth and the world in the book at all.

Only by constantly learning, reading, and enriching one's heart, can one have a correct cognition and enough confidence to resist the world.

If you don't read, you may be stuck in your life troubles and can't get out.

Reading allows you to gain insight, have the ability to see the outside world, and further broaden your life trajectory.

Consistency in reading can make you so professional that you can change your life.

If a person has been stagnant, there is no way to make progress, such a person will naturally come to an end.

After reading, you can find yourself through the stories of others, challenge your emotions and state, have a better understanding, face the ups and downs of life calmly.

In fact, the meaning of reading is that in this utilitarian world, you can find your own world, be yourself, accept all the states of life, and enrich your heart.

Reading can bring deeper satisfaction to your spirit and mind

Everyone's thinking and cognition are limited. If you don't read books or study, you will feel that what you know is the whole world, and then you will not be able to get out of your own world.

There are too many changes in life and too many possibilities, but if you never know how to change yourself and improve yourself, you will always stay in place.

Only by changing your state and thinking, and taking practical actions to change, will you get better and better.

By reading all kinds of books, you can understand all kinds of truths and knowledge, and you can use knowledge to change your own destiny and the living conditions of the people around you.

The power of knowledge is powerful, it can enrich people's hearts and change people's lives.

The distance between people is opened from reading, and there is nothing wrong with reading more books.

Reading will improve your vision and pattern and help you jump out of your original comfort zone and move towards a better world.

From the book, you can see things that you have never seen before, and you can find inspiration from the lives of others, so as to challenge your own life state, which will benefit you without harm.

The depth of your reading determines the height of your life

In the book, you can see the vast world, see the complexity of human nature, and heal yourself when you are the most lonely and helpless. Reading at a deep level will only make you feel happy, which is also the meaning of reading.

When you can actually find yourself in books, your life changes.

The books you've read, the paths you've traveled, and the people you've met will directly affect your life and determine your happiness index.

The power of reading can really support you to go further.

Reading can really change a person. The more you read, the different your appearance will be.

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