Tech Career Development

21 Nov 2022

In life there are many ways to succeed or make it. You could choose to own a business, work for an employer , or be a freelancer and work for yourself. Any of those could work, as everyone is trying to get out of the rat's race.
Out of these options above, I will talk on career development especially in the tech field. Its no mincing of words that the tech is the new oil. The industry is booming and the need for tech workers skilled at different fields are in high demand. People are attracted to the lifestyle these "successful" tech workers live and want to do what they do, so more people are adopted into tech.
However, most people give up along the way after coming to the realization that it is way harder than they thought. The truth is tech, just like any other career path, is not easy to see through.  It takes determination, grit, lots of downtimes and self-doubt, rejections before getting to the top. Most of the leading tech workers in your community have gone through these experiences over the years and this is what shaped them to become the best version of themselves which is in high demand. In other words, "they paid their dues".
This is why before choosing a career path in tech, make sure it is one you have come to like/love and you are passionate about doing  so in the long run, even when you get frustrated by the obstacles in developing your career, you won't give up.

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Tech has always been a blessing. If wasn't in the tech space, I don't know what I would be doing.
Welcome back Mayer I hope you stay committed to delivering great contents as you usually do. I would ever agree more to the importance and benefits of tech to our modern day world. Tech has changed the whole world, and it’s just getting started