I got a date!

27 May 2023

It's been what? Two or three weeks since I last published on Bulb. That's not because I didn't have anything going on. The right time to put them into writing just never happened. I'm slacking on consistency. I know I need to do better. Speaking of consistency, you're here just at the right time. Bien joué!

I jumped on a pretty long call this past week. A friend had some complaints about his job. He's looking to transition into something different. He was hoping I could give him a heads-up about working remotely. ICYDK, I work from home. I had to tell a brother that "remote" doesn't mean easy anyway, but he could start from somewhere. I'm glad to have helped. 

Now, to the best part of my week. 

I like to think I'm a fan of art. Oddly, I can't remember visiting any art gallery. Such a fan, you know. Well, I got myself a date, and it just so happens we'd be going to an art gallery. We both agreed to it. I think it'd be great. What could go wrong? I'll be out with someone I like. It should be fine. I'll be honest, I'm a bit nervous. However, I look forward to having a pleasant date. If the date goes well, I'd have more than a decent week! See you soon.

ICYDK, I support Manchester City. We won the Premier League on Sunday. That made it 3-in-a-row for us. Only one other Premier League team had done that. Big win.

Leisure Corner
Music Pick: I'm starting to appreciate Post Malone more. His latest, Mourning is worth a listen.  
Movie Pick: It had to be Bel-Air. I went in for one episode but ended up binge-watching the entire series. Great watch.

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south coast surfer
Good luck with the date - hope it leads to many more