19 Aug 2022

The use of skills, methods, and processes utilized in industrial production and scientific study combined with collected knowledge to create technology. All equipment and electronic devices operate using technology, whether or not the user is fully aware of how they work for the organization's goals. Systems make up the technologies used in modern life. Systems work by getting an input, changing it through a known process, and then creating an outcome that serves the system's intended function.
The creation of knowledge that results in the use of fundamental tools is the earliest and most basic type of technology. The availability of food supplies for humans was boosted by the prehistoric invention of shaped stone tools and the understanding of how to regulate fire. The development of the wheel paved the way for travel innovations that allowed people to move more quickly, produce more food, and communicate information and raw materials more quickly. Then the printing press, the telephone, the computer, and finally the Internet were developed by humanity.

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