A love story

21 Nov 2022

I used to only feel blue.
Because of all the fires I've crossed and all the tears I've shed, I used to believe that love itself is a lie.

I used to be a pretty obstinate person.
I suppose I still am, in many respects.
But because I was afraid of getting burned again, I used to keep my heart out of the sun.

I once firmly believed that love was not worth the struggle.
I was much too blue for anyone to adore me.
You'd think that couldn't be changed, wouldn't you?
But then, my love, there you were.

I felt more than enough thanks to you.
You changed the color of my heart into a lavender sky.
Even though the barricade around my heart was far too strong, I believe the key was concealed in your gaze.

You and I have not been the conventional subjects of a fairytale.
It's been a heated disaster, let's face it.
But my love for you is unwavering, and nothing has ever stopped my heart from beating for you.

I have no complaints about what we have here; it will make a great story someday.
You won't need to worry or run away since I'll always like you.

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My love story is a comic relief 😂💔
And this is not my usual love story that usually go sour
I have to return with that all love stories eventually becomes sour I wish you the very best and hope nothing happens to your relationship