14 Dec 2022

Today we will talk about Overthinking.
It is a very bad habit and hard to release. If we think about a thing very it is more likely that we will not do anyhing about it physically.


Overthinking is thinking about a certain thing for a very long time and not able to focus on other things and not able to give them time because of excess of overthinking about a situation or thing.

Some signs that you are Overthinking

1. The number of negative thoughts coming in your mind increases.
2. Not able to take decision quickly.
3. Thinking so much before solving a problem.
4. Repeatedly reminding of a situation in mind.

Disadvantages of overthinking

1. Not able to solve a easy problem.
2. Not getting enough sleep because of overthinking at night.
3. You can go in anxiety and depression
4. It wastes so much of time in overthinking as we think about a situation or a particular topic for hrs.
5. It creates so much of uncertainty, doubt and confusion in mind.
6. Overthinking creates a loop of possibilities but without implementation.

So how to stop overthinking.
Here are some ways which can help you out to stop overthinking.

Some ways to stop overthinking

1. Do meditation : Meditation can be very helpful for some people who like fitness or all but also for some people it might not work because they will also overthink in the meditation period.
2. Keep busy : Distract yourself from overthinking be busy in some work or play games or hangout with your friends or do whatever you want to do.
3. Work on Yourself : Working on your skills can be very useful for you. You can work on your strength,can boost your confidence .
4. Don't be alone : Try not to be alone because if you are alone you will start overthink again so try not to be alone be with your family, friends .
5. Therapy : you can talk to a good doctor about your overthinking and take a therapy from consulting with them .

So here's was all i know that i have told you about Overthinking .

So guys stop overthinking and do something productive.


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