How life should be

25 May 2023

To acquire knowledge when a child
what the purpose of this life is.
to be aware that it is so much bigger than me.

To endure the most difficult situations and triumph over disasters.
should remain kind when dealing with those painful occasions.

To continually spread my light and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.
To love with all my might those who are lost in the night.

Despite being by myself, to yet stand up bravely.
must continue waking up and facing each day, despite feeling lonely.

Should make an effort to comprehend the ones that nobody wants to know.
And after the world has let them go, give them a sense of value.

To be a solid, reliable anchor who remains devoted to their cause.
to always be a source of hope for my friends and family.

To share my heart and soul, to lead a decent life.
must always express regret when one hurts a friend or an enemy.

To be pleased with who I've tried to be and the life I've chosen.
to maximize each day by contributing everything I have.

That is what I believe this life should be used towards, in my opinion.
to greatly enhance what I already have thanks to God

To be someone of significant worth, to live a life that matters.
To love and be loved, to
leave my mark on the world.

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