19 Jan 2023

During the harmattan night, that chilling night
My church bell sounded Christmas is here
My head went heavy the need to draw to God
My heart pounded:confessions, confessions!
Cry to the lord for mercy helps come from him!

It pierced my heart the prayer of our savior 
“ forgive us our sins; do not let us fall into temptation”.
My heart began to bleed ; painful sorrows of my sins
I will I receive him with dirty hands? Confessions!
Confessions, confessions, pour out your hearts to the Lord

My sins are huge before me; huge enough to kill me!
My cry, great before you; I have left your path of light 
Before you I stand a prodigal looking for mercy 
So I can receive your son with clean hands , Lord!
I cry to you do not forsake me Lord; my confessions!

And I lay before him covered with sweat and tears 
The narrow burning space of the church confessional 
Lying before my confessor before my God who loves
Confessing my sins with bleeding fury and burnt heart
I cried to the lord for mercy and help came from Him.

And His torch came immediately on my back 
Like a spray of ice in a burning furnace of death
May God grant you pardon..... I absolve you of your sins!
The voice was not his but of the Lord of mercy
What a throne of love and mercy, the confessional!

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