My top holding coins.

8 Jul 2022

The choice of people differ from each other in all feilds so is in crypto. Some people do holding and some prefer only long terms. Mostly people prefer both and me too. Although my more priority goes to holding coins . My holding are :
1. ATOM : Cosmos network coin Atom is one of the coolest project . Many people stake their ATOM coin as either they are validator or someone who seeks for airdrop rewards for holding this coin. Since it is solving inter-blockchain it's my favorite one.
2. ETH : No matter what anyone says to make Ethereum killer project ,but still Ethereum is one of the major game changer in Crypto industry . So, I am holding this coins too.
2. DOT : Dot and atom are similar projects and main reason I am holding Dot is parachain . Many DOT tokens are locked and we usually got rewards of new coins for voting.
4. ALGO ,Kadena ,Matic and Sol
: There are bunch of project and dapps built in top of this Blockchain.
5. Bloktopia and stepn : Leading project in Metaverse and move-2-earn.

This is not financial advice but just my choice .
Comment down your favourite project and holding .

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