How to rank #1 on Bulb?

23 Jul 2022

It's been a week since I started exploring bulb, and I would like to share some interesting updates which helped me to rank #1 in short time.

When I'm introduced to bulb, I had no idea how the platform operated. Here are a few things I had done in the previous week. One day, I was shocked to discover that I was ranked first on the dashboard in the following week.

I believed that these pointers might assist new authors who are also unfamiliar with the platform in grasping its true meaning and making the most of it.

  1. Constant Engagement: To understand the platform and articles that are published by other authors, I am always interacting with the community. This enables me to gauge the interest of the audience and the types of articles in which they would be most interested.
  2. Build a network: The best method to create a strong network is by regularly engaging with other authors by reading, commenting on, and showing appreciation for their writing.
  3. Build your portfolio: To understand what readers may expect from your writings and what you can teach them. This does not mean that all of your content must be trending all the time, but keep experimenting with new ideas on the niche that you are comfortable at, to be unique.  Ex: The subjects of my articles tend to include tech, self-improvement, and productivity.
  4. Avoid spam/ plagiarism: It's completely okay to take some time and write quality content by going-far to win the game, instead of spamming with more articles in a week to rank high.

I still see myself as a learner on this platform, therefore what I've said here is entirely my opinion.

Share your top suggestions How was your first week here on Bulb, as I firmly believe that "sharing is caring"?

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As all users don't have higher capacity (full capacity =100) and enough BULB balances so they can buy energy to interact, it practically seems impossible for most of users here to be rank on 1. But of course they can do and get best of them if they followed your advices.
MBA ChitChat
Engagement is the key to rise above all.
Thanks for sharing!! I think constant engagement is a big one - Engage with other peoples' ideas (you never know what you might learn!!) and contribute your own thoughts. Personally I like to think of Bulb as a way to share things that I am learning. This way, blogging becomes very enjoyable.