How To Raise Capital in the crypto market

8 Dec 2023

I know of some many people that have knowledge but don't have capital to implement what they know.

In this article I will show different ways you can raise capital in the crypto market.

1. Crypto Jobs: They're different names given to this, some call it defi jobs, some web 3 jobs, some call it ambassadorial jobs. At the end of the day it all boils down to having a skill. Yeah, it could be content writing, graphic design, video creation, developer, moderator. It is not enough to have a skill you also need to have knowledge about Crypto. Imagine being a moderator and you can't answer basic questions asked in the group.

Very embarrasing. Get a skill and acquire knowledge, this are the key things.

2. Thread contest & other contest: Capitalising on contest is another way you can raise capital.

Let me tell you a secret on how you can win contest.

Let’s say for example a project did a contest and selected winners. What you need to do is go study the thread of the winner. Look for what made them win. This will give you a better edge.

To find contest
Go to X (formerly Twitter) and search for a contest you think you might be good in.

E.g thread contest , you will see current and past thread contest.

Don’t forget to DYOR before participating.

3. Zealy: Zealy is another way to raise capital in the crypto market. This is very competitive but if you know how it works. You will have a better edge to others.

That's a wrap
In my next article I will share others way you can raise capital.

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