19 Jan 2023

Baicaly i was born in mountain but soon after that my family moved to plains. I never experienced what it is to live in mountaind.

Year ago I traded in my mountain lifestyle for a new and exciting opportunity on the other side of the country ! But I must confess what I can’t shake…the mountains stole my heart and soul. It'
In today's time world is so hactic .So much pressure , depression , anxiety and many more.
I have never in my life claimed to be an adventurer or outdoors lover , until I started hiking in the mountains for a change with my friends. With the lovely, lush green forests and foothills, the tantalizing teal lakes hidden away like a secret prize waiting to be found, and those stunning sky-high peaks, it was love at first sight. But more than that, hiking in the mountains became an immediate passion because of the way it made me feel. I was able to just be the real me and connect with the version of myself that felt the releaved and fresh. New version of me . Surrounded by mountain has deep impact on my life..
Somehow without trying, you are able to confront your demons, re-evaluate your problems or your goals or your desires – you are able to widen your perspective and reflect on ‘the big picture’.
They serve as an opportunity for personal growth so u must visit them too

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