what is dream feel like real as

23 Jan 2023

what is dream : today i will explain you about dream that is explain your feeling thi is feel like as real you feel. this is a series of event or picture which happen in your mind and you feel like real this is happen with you guys ..some time am also feel this .today am also see one dream that am talk about last night than am dream it this night. this a real thing in night you talk about somthing than you dream at night . this is a something that you want very much to happen although it is not likely real.this is like you see nd experience picture and event in your mind while you are asleep and this is very exacted somethime ALL DREAM HAVE SOME MEANING ALSO ; their islot os theori .this is bout the content of dream and meaning of dream.these differ between culture and socites " the interpretation of dream " in 1900 this is theory of dreaming .this is first book of translated in english in 1913 . WHAT IS THE INTERPRETATION OF DREAM THIS IS VERY INTERESTED; WHICH THEORY IS RIGHT? some collection of dream books FACT OF DREAM every one dream between 3 and 6 time each dream lasts between 5 to 20 minutess 95 percent of dream we forget by the time drean can help you to learn blind person dream more than normal person PHASES OF DREAM YOU KNOW THAT SOME DREAM IS POSTIVE AND SOME IS NEGITIVE THE DREAM HASREDUCED CONTROL OVER THE CONTENT ,VISUAL IMAGES AND ACTIVATION OF THE MEMORY . NO CGNITIVE STATE .....................give me your feedback

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