Enjoying the view and photography in the beauty of nature in the afternoon

29 Jul 2023

Afternoon weather really refreshes our mind. And to enjoy this afternoon weather, in the afternoon we went to travel to the most important and beautiful place in Sirajganj city. And this place is called big pool it is a very beautiful place. Here it is known as Barapool and a bridge has been built over it called Elite Bridge. This bridge is traditional. It really feels good here because thousands of people sit on both sides of the bridge and pass the time in the afternoon. And this bridge is built over Katakhali river. And the beautiful cool air of this river of Katakhali makes people fascinated. So to see the beauty of this river and enjoy the afternoon weather, let everyone come to the side of the bridge and enjoy the moments. So I took some photographs and came to share them with you.

First I came over the bridge in the afternoon. I came to the top of the bridge and started to see the view of Katakhali river. The Katakhali river was filled with kachuripana, the restoration work of the river is going on due to which the kachuripana has been cleared. And I was fascinated by the view of the river from the top of this bridge.

It is very pleasant to walk over this bridge because it is located much higher than the bridge itself. Because of which I was walking on this road and enjoying those moments of walking with joy. Actually, many people were walking together and I liked the moment of walking on this bridge much more today because I was able to enjoy the scenery well.

From the top of this bridge I saw a beautiful view of the blue sky. In fact, the view of the sky in the afternoon was amazing. The view of the clouds unfolded, and from the top of this bridge it seemed as if the clouds were descending over the sides of the bridge. I enjoyed that scene. Actually I like the view of the sky much more. In the afternoon, this beautiful nature scene unfolds.

Then I came across the river. Coming to the other side of the river, I started to see a beautiful scene. And I stood in this beautiful view of the river because the cool air of the river felt very good to me, and it was as if the search came down. In the evening, I looked at the sky and saw a beautiful sky.

It was very nice to come to the river bank today. And seeing the beauty of the river filled my heart and the beautiful clouds in the sky appeared. The clouds are red. And I like to see such a sky. So the evening came and it was much more pleasant to see this evening scene. I was very happy to come to the river bank today and enjoy these beautiful moments. The beauty of nature filled the mind.

I really enjoyed spending some time on the river bank and on the bridge in the afternoon in this beautiful environment of nature. And coming on top of the bridge, the mind was fascinated by the cool air of the river. So I sat here for a long time, left for home later in the evening.

Ending here today. Some other day I will come to you with a different type of content. Until then you all stay well, stay healthy, God bless you.

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