Polygon Privacy Pool; Live on BlockWallet

17 Jul 2022

Since the launch of BlockWallet browser extension, the platform has undergone substantial updates and changes to provide users with an overall amazing experience when engaging with it.

ABOUT BlockWallet.

BlockWallet is a private non-custodial browser extension wallet that allows you to store, transmit, and receive cryptocurrency while also interacting anonymously with your favorite blockchain apps.
With BlockWallet, a third party can’t get access to your information such as transaction details.
The wallet contains a collection of advanced privacy technologies that are wrapped in a familiar and user-friendly wallet experience, removing friction and making privacy available to everyone.

The features of Blockwallet
Below are the unique features of BlockWallet;
• Privacy Pools.
• Front running bot protection
• Privacy Proxies
• Full support of Web 3.0
Block wallet generates a new wallet address that is unconnected to any of your prior wallets or blockchain transactions. This address comes from the smart contract that pools everyone's cash. This is made possible by the use of cryptographic proofs (zK-SNARKS), which ensure that your history on the blockchain cannot be connected to you. You can send and receive cryptocurrency using privacy pools without having to reveal assets in your main wallet. You can also use the compliance reports to show third parties that you have a source of funding if necessary. It's worth noting that simply holding your coins in Blockwallet won't guarantee your privacy unless you deposit funds into the pools The privacy pool is now only available for ethereum, binance smart chain, and, of course, the most recent addition, the polygon network. As time goes on, privacy pools will be made available for various networks.

How to use the privacy pool feature for Polygon Network on Blockwallet
Blockwallet has recently upgraded its privacy pool for Polygon Network. If you haven't already done so, go to https://blockwallet.io/, download the extension, and set up your wallet. To use the private pool feature, follow these steps. 
• Make sure your wallet is connected to the Polygon network first. 
• On Blockwallet's main menu, select privacy. 
• To make a deposit into the privacy pool, click Blank deposit. 
• Select the quantity of $MATIC to be deposited.
• Confirm the deposit
• To withdraw, click on Privacy on the main screen.
• Click Withdraw in the new window.
• Select the amount of $MATIC to withdraw.
• Select External Wallet or BlockWallet Enter the desired address (External Wallet) or select the desired account (BlockWallet).
• Confirm the withdrawal
Take note that you must leave your cash in the seclusion for at least 20 minutes to 24 hours, as the longer you leave them in the pool, the more privacy you will have. 

BlockWallet — The most private, non-custodial crypto wallet. The ultimate browser extension wallet for full financial privacy. Unlock the full potential of Web 3.0 with privacy-enhancing smart contracts.


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