The strongest girl

1 Nov 2022

She was never given the opportunity to dance.
either attend her own prom.
she never had the opportunity
to lose sight of her origins.

She was never given a kiss.
a man she looked up to.
she had never experienced the ecstasy of love.
she was disabled, hence.

She was unable to speak.
about love while grinning.
never was able to walk
along the aisle of a church.

She was unable to speak.
those priceless "i do" words.
but she was a long way away.
the toughest female i have ever known. 

She was unable to apply makeup to her face or brush her hair.
She was unable to give you a warm embrace or hold you close.

She was unable to clench her hands as though in prayer.
She was perplexed as to why she needed a wheelchair.

She hid her anxieties well.
Never allowed you to hear her sobs.
She did not display the tears that flowed from her eyes.

She never asked you for compassion or pity.
She will always be the strongest girl I ever knew because of this.

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I suddenly felt bad for Keisha. That was her name
Great, carry on, I love your posts
So emotional
Consult persons with disabilities and their families to identify their needs and capacities and understand what barriers impede the effectiveness of protection and assistance programmes.
I pity those with disabilities, I actually always feel bad around them