27 Jan 2023

SEEN A PROJECT TO BUY? . First check if it's on any data aggregator like coinmarketcap, coingecko,lunar crush... . Not listed yet? .yes?, copy contract address,search on there are other defi tools tho..
. A honeypot? No you might do some extra checks for wallets doing multiple transactions because the contract may have hidden codes that only allows dev or team to sell. It's not by seeing X1000 charts, the question is, can you sell?/...
-twitter: number of followers? last post? likes, comment and retweet? Compare the engagements to the number of followers so you know you ain't dealing with bots... For most shitcoins twitter engagement doesn't really matter provided they have good shillers and marketers 4/.
-Telegram: same tips as Twitter. .Active community with good marketing and shilling is the driving force to pumping a shitcoin... .Are they responding to investors questions? Yes , No.Are most questions deleted from the group?, Yes ask why if necessary 5/...
. Website, most shitcoins don't have websites while some creates before launch,some creates after launch. Market Cap: micro $ medium cap coins are easily flipped What's the trading volume? TVL should be significant atleast 10-15% the Mcap. 6/...
For quick flip, compare the buys and sells rate within the pass 1$6hrs. Buys being higher than sells. for longterm plays...? .Are there any pump possibilities? . How much is the highest buy amount on the chart so you don't be a whale you might get dumped on. 7/..
.for quick flip is the chart forming higher highs and higher lows? Yes . keeps forming lower lows technically analyse before buying Is liquidity locked? Yes , No .for how long is it locked this is important to avoid rugpull 8/..
Is the ownership renounced? Yes this is to prevent dev altering the Contract functions, howbeit this is not , I did a thread on this. Are the highest wallet locked? most rugpull are caused by dev and teams selling their bags. 9/...
may wanna use or for this by simply pasting the Token contract address and search.. However,with good experience trading shitcoins you may not need most of this Once you are satisfied with your analysis you can trade. 10/..

Tips for thought Rather than paying for signals pay to learn how to get signals( instead of being given fish learn how to fish and building your fishing skills) Accumulated profits overtime gives you that X1000 you need, don't always be in a rush to make quick gains 11/.

learn from people's experience not just the theory DYOR, even Degen plays requiresone or two checks to minimize risk and Maximize profit. basic fundamental and technical skills i Invest what you can afford to loose because you may loose it Keep practicing 12/...

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