Common Mistakes In Share Market (Part 3)

22 Jun 2022

Sooo i hope who so ever is reading this blog have gone through my previous vlogs . If u havent read my previous vlogs make sure to go through them first it will surely help you to learn something new. 

Dont Invest Borrowed Money in The Market - A person should be very causious while investing his/her hard earned money. When the market shows a down trend movement or continuously falls dur to negative news or bad economic conditions then people start realising that they have invested their 100% capital and now they need more capital to invest in the market. 

Sooo the people start taking loans from their friends and family members with a hope that market will recover in 1 month. However if the investor prediction gets wrong he/she need to pay the loan after 1 month by selling their shares and investments in loss. Sooo make sure only invest your own money and that to carefully in parts. Soo that u get maximum opportunity for buying the shares in every dip. 

If you are in the share market from atleast 5 yrs or you have little experience about the share market you must be knowing that . It doesnt matter how much capital you have till the last it wont be enough to buy all the dips of the market. 

This is for today wait for the next post if u want to learn something new. 

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