Time Vs Money

16 Nov 2023

Ah, the good old debate ‘Time Vs Money”, perhaps only overcome by the chicken and the egg dilemma.

Now I don’t know your opinion and I won’t try to change it, but I will bring a popular “game” to the table, that perhaps will make you think. Do you know the “would you rather game?” Well…

So my question is, "Would you rather work 40 Hours per week and receive let’s call it a normal wage in your local currency, or work 20 hours and receive less than 25% of your income?"

Well seems easy considering that you are working half of the time, and you are receiving only 25% less, seems like a no-brainer. But, have you considered all the factors?

To help you out in the thinking process I will just lay out some obvious advantages and disadvantages for both parties. This is a more philosophical question than anything else, but some bullet points may help you.

The 40-Hour Grindooooor

Sturdy Finances
Well, this is the obvious one. And the dilemma started here. Double the hours, and a better paycheck. I mean perhaps everything is going okay in your life right now, but you never know what may happen anon (no, no I am not jinxing it). Plus, you know what is happening in the crypto market right now…Dips are for buying right? So what’s gonna be? Will abdicate your money, and lose the chance of buying more crypto? Or are you gonna invest in yourself and bring a nice bag home?

Career Advancement, Bossman
Well. It’s known that spending more time at the “Grind Store” may pave the way for professional growth, which perhaps will represent a bigger paycheck, and depending of what you do, introduce you to a network of very professional individuals… But who are you really working for? For yourself? Or for the “man”?

Benefits without friends?
If you are looking for stability, say no more. Healthcare, retirement plans, and other perks are what you can count on. And it’s imperative for the long run. Basically, this is a “get cozy” invitation, to a future, that you know how it will play out, even 30 years, before your retirement… After all is the life cycle. You saw it happen time and time again. Losing some friendships due to lack of time, and spending more than 1/3 of your life working for someone else…

Same good routine
This one may sound stupid, but is true. The regular 9-to-5 routine provides structure, making it easier to plan and manage daily life. Yeah… I know, I know…with more time on your hands, you could do better. But have you tried? What do you usually do on your day off? Are you productive? Or do you just like to spend your precious time?

The 20-Hour Chad

Mr. Nice Watch
Embrace 20 hours of freedom anon! Time is not infinite, and you should make it count! But are you producing enough? After all, you are working less, but are you putting in more work? How much is your time worth?

New Balance on my feet, New balance in my life
Balance man. The keyword here is balance. How many times? How many times, you didn’t have time to be with your friends? Or had to leave a family dinner early, because “it was getting late, and I have to wake up early tomorrow?” Enjoy your free time, go out with the lads, and drown yourself in beers. However, will you be productive tomorrow? And use the time that you have in your hands, or the balance that you are supposed to have, is easily being lost?

Level 10, Creativity Unlock
Be creative. you have the time for that. I mean in a 40 Hour work lifestyle, you can also be creative. The thing here is that you are not close to a mental box! You have the time to explore new ideas and check the results. perhaps, even have the time to improve them. Now is this freedom worth 25% of your paycheck? Maybe, but that’s for me to tell…

To conclude
There you have it – the epic clash of time and money. The decision ultimately boils down to you. The journey continues, my friend, the clock keeps ticking, so think about it, but don’t take it too long ok?
For me, I know what is more valuable, I think you know too. I think we are all in crypto, a bit for the gains… But I guess the end game was never about money itself, but about freedom. That's why we are here. So, while time is the ultimate currency, ironically you need money to buy it. Perhaps this will complicate your decision a bit more.

What is more important for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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See you soon fam!

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Great article I would say that time is related to money and money to time
super dude ..time vs money
Both are important but it is up to us how we keep balance in them. Only money never works and only time may useless. Your formula of 25% less wage for half work time is awesome and I voted it.
All in on $TIME... Oh f*ck, wait a second...
A lesson my life has teached me: Don't exchange lifetime for money. Seek passive income. ;-)
No matter how one speaks or acts, one does need to trade time for money these days. Whenever we got old, and has extra money, we often trade those with time (health, family time, and etc). Time can be money for you to give to your employers - the question is always this, is the time you traded for money, is well paid? Thanks for the thought invoking write up as always bro. Time well spent. 👍👍🔥
Balancing time and money is crucial. While money provides financial security, time offers opportunities for experiences and personal fulfillment. Achieving a healthy equilibrium between the two is essential for overall well-being.
Time is precious
I'm sure I can write a long ramble about my thoughts on the topic but instead I'll try to be more succinct and offer some ideas on the topics discussed here. - You will always work for someone. If you don't work for an employer you work for your customers. In both cases you need to offer more value than you get paid for/charge for. Otherwise employers won't hire you and customers won't buy what you're selling. It's a simple point but one that is often overlooked. You're likely not underpaid. Sorry, but that's just statistically the case. - The 80-20 rule (aka Parento Principle) is bull****. Least the way it's commonly viewed. You're not wasting 80% of your time working on stuff that doesn't move the needle. You needed to sped 100% of your time working on many things to find that 20% that actually moved the needle. This is a lagging indicator, not a leading one. You can't optimise on a lagging indicator as you can adjust for what has already happened.
To some extent, time is money. If time compare to money, I prefer to choose time.
We must always remember that time cannot be bought; unfortunately, we can only "sell" it.
time of course
we listen Time is money , now hard to choose one better to other so both are gems and essential to us.
Money can buy you a lot, but it cannot buy you more time, which is why time is the most valuable resource we all have. Whether you're rolling in dough, or scraping together a living, time is the great equalizer.
Great article, very interesting! Thank you
If this should be a debate then I will say both are very important. There is a say "Time is money"
Great Article
Time is a highly deflationary asset.
Well I can say time is relative to money.