2 Sept 2022

Banaras is a living city. Its vitality is in its different colors. Trilok Nath Pandey's look.
I am Banarasi, but now I rarely go out of the house. Got out today after a long time. On the way, talking a lot with the auto driver, he reached Godowlia. From there he went to the square on foot, looking at the changing Banaras. I felt that even in this changing Banaras, the same old fun resides in his soul. Went to the shop of a famous publisher of Sanskrit books in the Chowk. Had to buy some books, but the main seller got irritated and quarreled with someone over the phone. With great difficulty I was able to attract his attention and on hearing my demand, I started quarreling again on the phone asking my assistant to get the desired books. Well, taking the books from there, Motilal went to Banarsidas's place in front. When I go there now, my mind becomes sad. There many people I knew either died or retired. Only one Yadav ji is left.

They kept talking for a long time - about Banarasipan and changing Banaras. After buying some books from there, he entered the lane of the adjacent Dalmandi. There I had to get some new crockery. There was a Muslim brother's shop and the seller was also a Muslim gentleman. Along with shopping from him, talks of Banarasipan in Banarasi tone also continued. Talking to him became very happy. It felt that our Banaras is still very much alive, it is very lively.

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