Benji Bananas first season reward campaign update

8 Jun 2022

Our first season reward campaign is well underway and we’re glad to see the community 

enjoying the game, as well as our $PRIMATE drops! Here’s an update on some of the numbers from the first season reward campaign so far.
First season reward campaign: 18,000,000 $PRIMATE tokens
Week 1 drops: 4,327,200 $PRIMATE (3,600 per eligible wallet)
 Week 2 drops: 4,727,900 $PRIMATE (2,200 per eligible wallet + 1,500 bonus for week 1 & week 2 holders)
8,944,900 $PRIMATE remaining in the first season reward campaign
There are 2 more weeks left in the first season reward campaign, keep practicing your swings and get ready to play-and-earn!
The next snapshot will be upcoming on June 9th, 2022, 23:59pm EST.
In order t o be eligible to receive the PRIMATE tokens, you are required to:
own at least 1 Benji Bananas Membership _Pass NFT, which is available on OpenSea, LooksRare, Rarible and Coinbase when the weekly snapshot occurs
link y our Apple ID or Google Play account to your wallet on the Benji Bananas website (see the steps below); and

complete the Blockpass KYC verification process.

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