3 Sept 2022

Extremely stressful circumstances that shattered your sense of security and left you feeling helpless in a hazardous environment might lead to emotional and psychological trauma. You may struggle with troubling feelings, memories, and anxiety as a result of psychological trauma. You might also experience feelings of numbness, alienation, and lack of confidence in other people.

Traumatic events frequently involve a danger to one's life or physical safety, but they can also be caused by any circumstance that makes you feel helpless and alone. Your personal emotional reaction to the event, not the objective facts, determines whether it qualifies as traumatic. You are more prone to experience trauma the more terrified and helpless you feel.

Even if you weren't personally affected by the disaster, dealing with the trauma of it can bring particular difficulties. Even while it's extremely improbable that any of us will ever be directly harmed in a terrorist attack, airplane disaster, or mass shooting, for instance, we are all frequently subjected to horrifying images of those who have been on social media and in the news. Repeated exposure to these sights might overwhelm your neurological system and lead to acute stress. You may make therapeutic changes and continue with your life no matter what caused your trauma, whether it happened years ago or just yesterday.

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