Urban and Rural Areas

19 Sept 2022

Nigerian society is divided into two obvious types, the rural and urban settings. The rural area are small,inward looking,and are held together by kinship relations and supporting basic agricultural occupations.The urban areas are more dynamic ever changing and commercial centers. Organic solidarity was used to identify the urban areas while mechanical solidarity was used to identify the rural areas 
There are so many differences between the rural areas and the urban areas which are
Size of the place: The are inhabited in the rural communities are smaller than in urban communities. Mass areas of rural land are uninhabited and some needed for large-farmlands while urban areas have a congested area because of limited land

Population Density: since rural areas have large expanse of land and small population,the number of people per unit area of land (population density) is low. In urban areas a large number of people occupy relatively small unit area.Low population density simply means that the rural area is relatively more quiet, the air is less polluted, people are closer to nature and there is low psychological isolation than in urban areas.

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