12 Mar 2024

Taiko x Blazpay: Mint, Stake and PlayWelcome to the Taiko x Blazpay: Mint, Stake, and Play campaign, which will introduce you to the world of NFTs, Blazpay’s new platform, and the cool things you can do with it.

What can you expect from this campaign:

Getting Started:

  • Follow us on Twitter: Stay updated and connected. Follow our main Twitter account and our ecosystem updates.
  • Join our Discord Server: Become a part of our thriving community where all the magic happens.

Educational content:

  • Visit the Taiko YouTube channel to watch the Community Call #11, where the team discussed updates and future plans.
  • Take the quiz after watching the video to reinforce your knowledge of Taiko.

Taiko x Blazpay:

  • Mint the Blazpay x Katla x Taiko Entry Pass, which gives you the chance to test new features and enhancements ahead of time on the Blazpay platform.
  • Log in to the dashboard to mint and stake your Taiko x Blazpay Partnership NFT.
  • Explore the opportunities of the Blazpay platform by playing various games, solving quizzes, and earning points for them.
  • Follow Blazpay on social media to stay updated about new features and be the first to test them.

“Taiko x Blazpay: Mint, Stake, and Play” serves as your pathway to the latest in the Taiko ecosystemAccording to the #Taiko team, the latest missions on #Galxe have been released. I collect it quickly, we swam and swam until we came to the tail
Participation: https://galxe.com/taiko/campaign/GC8TMt4fFG…

Quiz answers: B / C / C / D / A

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