Avenger Team (2/6)

9 Jun 2022

Originally ,there are six members in avengers including Thor , black Widow ,Iron Man, Captain America ,Hulk and Hawkeye. They have unique powers and team is really strongs and powerful and has saved Earth from many dangers and enemy.

The second avenger is Tony stark also known as Iron Man which is a playboy and owner of comapny Stark industies . He is a billionare , philanothrapist and techincal genius superheroes which has verity of suits made for him by himself. The IronMan was strong ,reliable and powerful in suits that he has various suits including nanotech suits which he creates several weapons using it. 
Iron Man has first apperance in Iron MAn movies of 2008 and later in Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 as major characters in solo movies. In other movies , he has debut in spiderman movies. And he is one of the most profilic character in avengers first to endgames. 
Tony has fought several villians and saved earth from many threats. He ended the war of chitauri army lead by Loki , he sacrifices himself during Thanos attack on universe to snap Thanos and his army.

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