Chain of Legends Halloween Event

6 Nov 2023

Chain of Legends Halloween Event

In the vast universe of blockchain games, “Chain of Legends” shines as a brilliant example of how innovation is transforming the gaming experience. This engaging adventure, available on chainoflegends , not only offers the opportunity to embark on thrilling quests but also to turn your enjoyment into an earning opportunity using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

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Best time to enter Chain of Legends

Start: 30/October/2023
End: 10/November/2023

  • Upgrading level 0 to level 1 Buildings — 70% Off
  • Upgrading level 1 to level 8 Buildings — 10% Off
  • Training Warrior lvl1–50% Off
  • Training Archer lvl1–40% Off
  • Direct Upgrade for trainable Troops — 20% Off


  • Dungeon 2X Loot (for winning New Difficulties)
  • Treasure Islands 2X Loot (for winning New Difficulties)

Chain of Legends transports players to an extraordinary virtual world, rich in detail and challenges. In this breathtaking setting, each player takes on the role of a legendary explorer, ready to challenge fate and solve intricate puzzles. However, what truly makes “Chain of Legends” unique is the ability to own in-game items in the form of NFTs, which give tangible value to the achievements made in the game.

Play to Earn An Epic World to Explore

The Play-to-Earn philosophy is at the core of Chain of Legends. In this world, players not only have fun tackling epic missions and defeating adversaries but also earn real NFTs based on their in-game performance. These NFTs can later be traded or sold on a continually evolving virtual market. This revolutionary gaming model offers the opportunity to monetize your time and effort, opening doors to new financial opportunities within the game.

Special Events: The Enchantment of Chain of Legends

One of the most captivating aspects of “Chain of Legends” is the special events organized periodically. During these occasions, players can immerse themselves in themed challenges, face unique enemies, and earn exclusive NFT rewards. These seasonal events add an extra layer of engagement to the gaming experience, offering unique opportunities for both earnings and enjoyment.

The NFT Revolution in Chain of Legends

The NFT technology is redefining how players interact with the world of video games. “Chain of Legends” is at the forefront of this transformation, allowing players to own genuine digital assets with tangible value. This innovation opens up new possibilities for monetizing your commitment to the game and redefines the concept of ownership of in-game items.


In summary, Chain of Legends is an extraordinary example of how blockchain games are revolutionizing the gaming industry. Offering an epic world, the Play-to-Earn philosophy, and the power of NFTs, this game provides an unparalleled experience. If you love adventure, action, and want to explore the future of gaming, Chain of Legends is a must-play title. Discover how fun and financial opportunities merge in an epic digital adventure.

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This platform is exclusively focused on the world of web3!
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I've tried CoL several times, but it seems a bit flat, and nothing exciting ever happens. I'll give it another chance and see if they can change my mind.
Chain of Legends Halloween Event was an absolute delight! The developers really outdid themselves with the spooky-themed decorations, eerie sound effects, and creative in-game events. The attention to detail, from the haunted landscapes to the themed costumes for characters, added a thrilling atmosphere to the game. The special Halloween quests and challenges were not only entertaining but also provided an extra layer of excitement and rewards. It's evident that the team put a lot of effort into making the Halloween Event a memorable experience for players.
This is the first time I have heard of Chain of Legends. The game looks interesting and the event sounds pretty interesting as well. I am going to have to check this out tonight when I get on my main computer. Thanks for sharing @Web3 Trends!
Thanks for sharing. It is my first time hearing about the game. I'll check it out soon.
I want to get something here, is it that they want to bring up their own blockchain?
Thanks for the article. Very interesting
Great Article
Gary Cartlidge
Could be a cool event, cheers for sharing