How to take the Perfect Selfie

21 May 2023

1. A selfie is not only your face

One of the things you have to stop thinking is that a selfie is just a picture of your face. A selfie is a picture you took of yourself, regardless of whether that picture is of your face, your foot or your hand! Selfies are all about telling your friends something new. So, if you bought a new watch, a new pair of shoes or a new shirt, consider taking a selfie with those items.

2. Cut your face

To take a good selfie, you don't have to capture your whole face. On the contrary! Many times, a good selfie only has part of your face.
 If your selfies are not so good, try "cropping" the image near the eye, as we show in the image on the side. To do this, there are several free image editing apps available for download on both Android and iOS. As well as several PC programs.
taking the perfect selfie cuts your face

3. Relax your face before you take a selfie

The first thing you should know is that relaxing your face doesn't mean you can't make facial expressions. The problem is that, many times, parts of your face like your eyebrows, forehead and even your mouth can get tense.
So before you give a nice smile or make other facial expressions, take a moment to relax your facial muscles. You'll notice the difference in the details.

4. Stay in one of the upper corners of the photo.

Another tip is to leave your face in one of the top corners of the photo. This way, your face won't be the only focus of the photo and will just be a nice complement to the rest of the landscape. To know if you are positioned correctly, check if your eye is in the last third of the image.
Now, if you are going to take a photo that includes a beautiful landscape in the background and you want to stand out, that is, the kind of photo you want to remember a great moment, try to position yourself in the center, as in the image below.

5. Use water to your advantage

perfect photo use water to your advantage
Water can be an excellent ally in your selfies. First of all because it creates more shine on your skin and hair. Also, wet skin always looks more beautiful than dry skin. Obviously, one of the things you need to take care of is your body.
If your body is a good match for your selfie, then you just need to be careful with your pose. If you don't want your body to show, a photo from the neck up can be a good option, as we show in the image above.

6. Take advantage of reflections

Another excellent tip, often related to water, but which can also be used with mirrors, is the use of reflections. The reflection of the sky in a lake when taking a photo can give really beautiful results, for example.
If you are going to take pictures with mirrors, be careful and check what elements are reflected and try to position yourself in the best way to avoid unwanted elements.

7. Be careful with the focus

The focus in your photograph is one of the most important elements that will ensure that your photo is of quality. A blurred and blurred focus, no matter if it is a photo taken under good circumstances and in an excellent location, will not really give good results.
If your hand is too shaky, consider our next tip or use a tripod with a timer or other accessories (mentioned later in the article) to take photos.

8. Take photos with both hands

take the perfect selfie using both hands
When taking a photo, you usually have two options: use one or two hands. If you are just starting to take photos, two hands may be the simpler and more effective option. First, because you have a new element in the photo (the other arm) and it can help you disguise your lack of experience. On the other hand, it gives your camera a better balance.

9. Use the right apps

A good selfie doesn't just come out the moment you capture the photo. For you to have a good selfie, you have to edit it in the best way afterwards. Instagram filters can be a good help, but they are not enough

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