18 Dec 2022

Gods, oh mighty beings of divine might Creators and protectors of all life Some say you live on high, in realms of gold Others believe you walk among us, bold

In ancient times, you were worshipped and feared Your power and presence, always revered But as time moves on, and cultures shift Your influence wanes, but some still lift

Their eyes to the sky, and pray to your name Hoping for guidance, and seeking the same Comfort and strength, that you once provided In a world that can be harsh, and sometimes divided

But even as belief in you may fade Your stories and legends, forever engraved In the hearts and minds of those who know The power of the gods, and how they bestow

Their love and protection, on those they choose A chosen few, to carry on the muse Of the gods, and all that they represent A symbol of hope, in a world that's bent

On tearing itself apart, and causing harm But the gods, they stand tall, and keep us from harm So let us give thanks, to the gods above For the love and guidance, and the peace and love.

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