What is the time?

30 Jul 2022

Aristotle speculated that time could have an effect of speed but he also said that motion can be slow or fast but not time! Aristotle had no means of knowing Einstein's theory of relativity, according to which change in the speed of time is possible. Similarly, when Einstein was working on the development of the theory of general relativity and he made a revolutionary proposal that the curvature of space is caused by the effect of mass.
But Einstein did not know at that time that the universe was expanding. The expansion of the universe was discovered by Edwin Hubble 13 years after Einstein published his theory of "simple relativity". If Einstein had knowledge of the expanding universe, he would have included it in his theory of general relativity.
Conceptually, it is easier to show the curvature of space in the form of a slowly expanding field due to the effect of gravity in the expanding universe. One of the most dramatic aspects of our universe is that it is expanding and the presence of motion, force, and curvature time-spans in the expanding space.

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It's very confusing to understand.
It is the desire of parents that they do everything for the physical and mental development of their child, which can benefit the child. In such a situation, they start paying attention to their physical and mental development as well as their behavioural, emotional and social development. Explain that understanding the psychology of children is a bit difficult. Especially parents take care of children in an emotional way. In such a situation, they are not able to accept any of their circumstances.
No matter what the work is, it happens at some point or the other because time does not stop. It takes a certain amount of time to complete any task.
I think time depends on the speed.
The past, present and future aspects of time are constantly changing, future events come in the present and then go into the past. This aspect creates the feeling of a stream of time.
You are quite good at Science related to time, motion and universe things. I suggest you to write more on Einstein inventions ( 4 working in 1905), Dark matter , dark energy if you know and don't feel bad on it.