Dear newbie Ui/Ux designer, Here is what you will face.

15 Dec 2022

A designer is a person who plans the look or workings of something prior to it being made, by preparing drawings and plans.
A Ui/Ux designer is responsible for creating user centered designs that gives optimal experience for the user when they come in contact with a digital or physical product, such as a mobile apps, websites.
As a newbie Ui/Ux designer there are a lot of issues you are likely to face in your journey that will make you want to walk away and also build you, it depends on how strong you are.
As a newbie designer you are likely to face scam boot camps, Mentors who need to be mentored, people criticizing your work(you actually need this one), people talking your work down and making you feel like you are not enough. You will also meet people who are willing to help you through your journey, share resources, jobs and every support you can get. Sometimes these same people can as well make you feel like you do not have an idea of what you are doing.
As a newbie, my advise is that you keep your head low, learn everything you need,(select what you learn actually)attend good paid boot camps (you will learn a lot)practice, practice, practice, do not just practice and keep them to yourself and clap for yourself, show it out there, let people criticize it, pick the necessary criticism and improve on that, do it over again and post the difference. Make connections with relevant people, put yourself out there by posting in design related platforms and other platforms such as Dribbble, Behance, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. Request for critique and improve on that. Carry out design challenges and put it out there for people to see, be consistent, consistency is the key, you will improve your skills, read design books( there are alot of them out there) join design communities, attend events, network with relevant people and be awesome at what you do and watch your career skyrocket.
Do not forget that you will encounter issues that would want to make you quit, but do not let it break you, instead absorb it, go back, study, improve and do better and come back as the real MVP.

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