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13 Feb 2024

Official site qna3.ai
Reliability 9/10
Probability of Airdrop 9/10

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QnA3: Farming Credits for Daily Check-In 🌐🔍
QnA3 is an AI-based platform designed to assist users in obtaining answers to any web3-related questions. The project is part of the incubation program at Binance Labs
This activity is perfect for low-balance users and beyond, especially those accustomed to daily check-ins. It closely resembles the NFTpromt story, which was listed on Binance yesterday, where daily check-ins and credit collection were essential. 🚀💡
🚀 Let’s head over to the website and connect our wallet, claiming the check-in daily.
📢 To claim daily points, a small balance in the BNB network is required.

  • 🔄 Download the extension that will additionally mine credits.

  • ⚙️ To activate the extension, click on the plugin on the website . The mining process should start (if it doesn’t work, try refreshing the page several times).

💰 Tokens will be mined passively, so it’s better not to delay…
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