Robert Kiyosaki: 5 Side Hustles You Can Work From Anywhere in the World

15 Apr 2024

Finding the right side hustle can be a way to supplement your earnings, try out something new or even prepare for the transition to a full-time business owner. In a Facebook post, Robert Kiyosaki, entrepreneur and author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” acknowledged the growing popularity of side gigs across multiple age groups. He suggested these five options that provide the flexibility to earn cash anywhere.

1. Offer Online Tutoring Services
Even without a background in education, you could make money anywhere by tutoring students over video conference, audio call, or online chat. This is a very flexible option since you can go the independent route and market yourself or sign up for a tutoring platform that helps potential students find you directly. Plus, you could offer help in a variety of subjects, such as business, languages, computer science, math and hobbies.

Requirements for online tutor gigs vary. Tutoring platforms may demand a degree or experience, and you could have less control over your hourly rate. You can get more freedom as an independent tutor since you can set your rate and leverage your experience and skills in the subject. While the subject, work arrangement and other factors affect the pay, Kiyosaki listed a range of $15 to $80 per hour.

2. Become a Transcriptionist
With good listening, computer and writing skills, you could take on a transcriptionist side gig. While watching videos or listening to audio files online, you’ll earn cash by typing exactly what is being said. This requires deep concentration to avoid missing small details and great language skills to make a clean transcript. You’ll need to have a headset, computer, word processing software and possibly transcription software for this work.

You can find some transcriptionist jobs without experience or formal education, though you may need a certification for legal or medical assignments. You can try searching freelance platforms and applying to transcriptionist companies. While transcription jobs often pay by the audio minute, Kiyosaki wrote you can expect around $10 to $30 hourly.

3. Sell Things Online
Offering in-demand products online could provide you with a side income. Kiyosaki described how a business was able to make $15,000 selling masks online during the pandemic. You can buy items to resell, create custom products or sell used items you no longer want.

4. Being a Virtual Assistant
If you enjoy helping people, you might earn extra money as a virtual assistant. Working for individuals or businesses, you might perform tasks such as handling calls, answering emails, completing bookkeeping tasks, doing data entry work or assisting with marketing. You could specialize in an area related to your work background or training, or you could be a general assistant.

5. Teaching English as a Second Language
Being a native English speaker opens up opportunities for teaching people who want to learn the language. This global side hustle can involve giving lessons locally or over video to individuals and groups. You can choose between teaching formal lessons or letting students lead conversations to practice the vocabulary needed for their goals.

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