Transformational Leadership Style

27 Apr 2022

I have written an article on “New Business Model”, this time I want to discuss a leadership style that is connected to it which named Transformational leadership style, because this style is very effective in leading innovative companies or start-up companies. You can also apply this in your blogging of opinions here and increase your followers' motivation to read your work.

 What is Transformational leadership?
Transformational leaders tend to exhibit four major behaviours to influence their followers, these are Inspirational Motivation, Idealised Influence, Intellectual Stimulation and Individualised Consideration.
Inspirational motivation - the leaders tend to motivate followers by giving them inspiration on the vision and objectives of the team, they do this in their early communications to the followers to rally support. They inspire their followers by shaping the goodness in achieving the vision and objectives. This type of motivation come from the inner realisation of the followers so it is intrinsic, it produces the stamina and triggers inner drive of followers to execute the plan.
Idealised Influence - the leaders post individually as an ideal role model for followers, the leaders demonstrate the values and ethics they admire and committed. They often walk-the-talk to demonstrate and allow followers to see the leader as a role model to emulate.
Intellectual Stimulation - the leader encourages their followers to challenge the status quo and make stride to be innovative and creative based on their technical skills. The leader would get the best out of the team members’ talents by putting them on the suitable tasks; as putting birds in the sky and fishes in the water.
Individualised Consideration - leader demonstrates genuine concern for the needs and feelings of followers and regulate the team members’ emotions. This skill required the emotional intelligence I was referring to in another article named “Leadership and intelligence”.

I stated earlier that the transformational leadership style fits any start-up companies or companies required transformational change. Leader need the above four behaviours to attract and retain talents needed to transform the companies. Talents from new technology sector are in high demand in Australia and they are often not motivated by extrinsic factors like salary and benefits but by intrinsic motivation factors which linked to the leadership behaviours discussed here in inspiration, challenging stimulation, values/ethics of leaders and emotional care.  

If you can exhibit these behaviours you also can be a transformational leader in blogging and attract high quality followers.  

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