Money VS Happiness

28 Jan 2023

What is the Most desired thing you needed to have in your life?

All the people in this world thinks that money is the supreme power in this world , and money can helps us to gain all the comforts, happiness ,friends in our life. With the help of money we can purchase expensive commodities which helps to gain attention of other people in the public and also money helps to make friends easily as they get attracted to your money.
So all the people were maddened with the spirit to earn more and more as they thinks once they were able to fully load their bags with the money , they would become happiness for the rest of the life but they were never able to get that happiness in the life

On the other hand , to be happy you needed a person who takes care of you one who loves you , standing with you in every situation, laughing with you and even sharing your sadness , a person whom you can trust blindly , whom you feel to be connected by soul with him/her.
--- considering all this , you can see that in the times of Adversity and when you are in.
Extreme bad conditions only the people who are with you always are you family, your ttue friends and the one person whom you loves and he/she loves you the same way . They were always standing with us not because they wants to gain something from us ,wants to get some type of benefits , because they wants to spend their time with someone, because they were laughing with you ;

but the fact is that they are standing with you because they trusts you A lot and they cares about you. They cant see you struggling all alone so they are ever ready to helps you in every way they could. That doesn't matter how bad the life is treating you but when these people are with you , who loves you and are with you , even the hardships in the life soon turns to be a good moments because their are friends,your family and your soul mate who were always with you supporting you and that the real gift a person could have in its life

Riches and money 💰 can give you external happiness , can provides you with all the comforts and people gets attracted to you but they were not really your friends. All the benefits which comes with the money is temporary, once your money is gone all this things will be gone and you will be all alone, at that time you will realize what the you needed the most in your life . Its not The money but the persons who you can trust and who are with you all the time .

So , we can say the best thing a person could get in his life is not really money and comforts but the trustworthy and supporting people , who are with you in every situation .
And If you were able to get that some people in your life , please don't let them go off your leave , be a strong magnet and get yourself attach to themselves forever

Thank You.......

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