5 Cryptocurrencies You Can Get in Your Wallet Right Now, Free

23 Jan 2023

A lot of folks shy away from various faucet options for one simple reason - it can take way too long to reach a payout threshold. What if I told you that I've found five cryptocurrencies that boast faucets that pay instantly into your wallet?

Disclaimer: this post contains some affiliate links which may give a small payout to the author and/or a bonus to new users who may choose to use apps or services mentioned. Please consider using these links to help support this blog post!


Banano has created a community that seems to live for freebies, faucets, and giveaways. From giveaways on Discord and Reddit, to user-created faucets, and on to social media tipbots, Banano is distributed freely to users in a myriad of ways. The below list of Banano faucets is not exhaustive, but the handful that I've found most reliable and generous.

  1. TryBanano.com (claim every 2 hours)
  2. Prussia's Faucet (claim daily)
  3. Perry's Banano Faucet (claim daily)
  4. Ban.Earns.cc (claim daily)
  5. MonkeyTalks (claim daily)
  6. Only-Bans.cc (claim daily)


Zcash is cryptocurrency known for its ability to conduct confidential transactions via shielded addresses.

One of the most well-known Zcash faucets is hosted by GlobalHive. Users can make a claim each day, and can receive bonuses for both using the Brave browser and maintaining a daily claim streak.

Want more free $ZEC? While you won't get payments quite everyday, you can receive Zcash faucet payouts every few days by utilizing the $ZEC faucet on PipeFlare. (PipeFlare also hosts faucets for $MATIC and $1FLR, though those faucets have much higher payment thresholds.)


I've already introduced you to Banano above, which was forked off of the third crypto I want to cover: Nano. Nano prides itself on being instant and eco-friendly, with zero fees. Nano also offers a few free instant faucets, though they're not quite as lucrative as the other two cryptos I've covered in this article.

  1. Prussia's Nano Faucet (claim daily)
  2. FreeNanoFaucet (claim daily)
  3. NanSwap (claim twice weekly)
  4. NanoCafe (claim twice)
  5. NanoDrop (claim once)


In a similar set-up to the $ZEC faucet offered by Global Hive, the Horizen Community Hub is a once-a-day faucet for $ZEN. And like Global Hive, you can get higher payout for using the Brave Browser and for maintaining a daily check-in streak. My one complaint is that I wasn't able to successfully set up Horizen on the recommended mobile wallet, Coinomi, so I switched to using their desktop wallet, Sphere, which hasn't given me any problems.


Folks tend to have a love/hate relationship with Solana these days, but regardless of your views of $SOL's future, there still is a faucet where you can snag 0.00001 SOL a day. Check out the SOL Faucet site to grab yours, and maybe we'll get lucky and Solana will go to the moon again one day.

Bonus Faucet: SPACE

As a bonus, I'm going to include a little wildcard faucet here for $SPACE. The Space token is used primarily on the FinalAutoclaim website, but it has it's own Space faucet that can help you rack up $SPACE much more quickly than just relying on the autofaucet on FinalAutoclaim alone. I've been utilizing the Space faucet in order to take advantage of the staking opportunities on FinalAutoclaim, many of which rely on staking Space in order to receive rewards in other common cryptocurrencies.


Are you utilizing any other instant faucets I haven't covered here? If so, I'd love to hear about them - I'm always on the look-out for legitimate ways to earn free crypto!

(A shorter version of this post was originally posted on Article.)

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