My experience when I entered sss3

17 Nov 2022

My first experience when I entered sss3 was a very interesting one, you know that you will fully be in power in the school because at that moment you don't have anyone above you again that will be parading you up and down the school compound, and for that matter I was in a boarding institution 😔 we all know how it always be in there. The flogging, punishment, bullying, stealing, and so on.

Apart from the punishment and other unimportant aspects, sss3 is a very important class in someone's life, it determines your forward movement in life and is not supposed to be tempered with. When I was still in school I remembered when I got into WhatsApp and Facebook without my parents consent, when my dad knew about it he flog me so badly to a point that I had determined that I won't go into the social media world again.

Actually when he normally flogs me does days I taught he was actually hating me, but all he was try to do was for me to have a bright future at the end. And I wasn't allowed to use phone from my jss1-sss3 can u imagine that, I was already hating my parents but when I was done with my compulsory subject which will grant me admission into the university for civil engineering which where: Mathematics, Physics, English language and Chemistry and i came out with a good result,I wasn't the one that told my parents that I need phone, they just surprised me on their own😁

To be continued.....👌

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