Retroactive airdrops

1 Jun 2022

Over the past years, there have been a lot of criteria by which crypto users are being rewarded with airdrops. These criteria have varied from product testing, completing a specified task, etc.

But then, there is this special one known as Retroactive Airdrops. I witnessed the first form of a retroactive airdrop by uniswap and ever since then, a lot more protocols have adopted the same principle to reward users.

Now, what is a Retroactive Airdrop?
Retroactive airdrops are airdrops gotten from using a particular decentralized application, protocol etc prior to a particular day determined by the CEO/DEV of the protocol/application.

Most times, retroactive airdrops are in the form of a governance token of the dapp being used. It is a way to reward early users for their contribution and trust in the project.

One of such projects that gave out tokens as a retroactive airdrop is Uniswap, they rewarded their early users with $UNI tokens, then 1inch, and several other protocols adopted the method and it has been going on and on till date.

Retroactive airdrops still exist, just do your research and you might just be amongst the lucky ones.

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