Happy Anniversary

2 Sept 2022

Teddy returned from a meeting with a media company on their second wedding anniversary. 
He was relieved to be done being around people once they had adopted his proposal and was especially happy to return home to his wife. 
The three dozen white roses he had ordered were picked up at the florist when he made a stop there. 
A pair of red silk lingerie, a leather watch, two mushy cards, and the chocolates he had carefully hidden the which were from his wife's favorite store. 

Teddy found the apartment door closed and the interior dark. There were tulip petals strewn all over the floor. It appears he wasn't the only person who visited the florist.

He walked in and watched his wife Anne poring over a novel and he looked at her adoringly. He couldn’t remember how life was without her being in it. He smiled contentedly, he loved his life.

Teddy approached Anne, put his hand on her shoulder, turned her face toward him, and gently kissed her lips before whispering, "Happy anniversary to us."


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Happy Anniversary to you love birds . It is an amazing thing.