Law of Pragnanz

19 Oct 2022

This is a law of UX that has to do with the way we present images to users. 
The Law of Pragnanz states that for every complex image, users tend to interpret or perceive it in its simplest form. 
This is because the human brain requires the least cognitive effort to interpret the image.

Things to note:

  • The human eye tries as much as possible to simplify and put in order complex shapes in order to make it less overwhelming with a lot of information.
  • It must be noted that research was conducted and has proven that users are able to visually process and also remember simple figures than very complex ones.
  • For the eye to process complex images, it simplifies the complex shape by transforming it into a single, unified shape.

For more on UX laws that govern UI designs to make it user friendly, do well to follow ME and stay tuned.

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This is a wonderful UX law for people to consider when trying to build a product especially one where people of all ages are going to use. It's necessary to put this law into consideration while building a product
I hope this will get to its target audience. A lot of this UI/UX designers don't know a thing or two about
Orthodox 🔶
Yeah, people can perceive things as a whole or the sum of simple parts. Yes, our minds and eyes tend to simplify everything as much as possible. Thanks, this is really enlightening.