Prepare yourself to pay the price.

9 Nov 2023

It is almost universal truth that success never comes over night and requires lot of efforts , dedication , passion and persistence. Achieving goals need motivation and maximum with immense hunger for success. What logic behind successful people is ? Why 2-3% only gets head table and wins the race? We should evaluate their journey and then analysis our own struggle .

Experts always guide us with several ways to go and achieve the set goals but most common points are same which we can find in every motivational speech , essay , article , book or magazine. Keep in mind it is never easy to achieve the success , if our goals are bigger then our level of effort should match to our goals. What things can lead us to the success , lets see.

Hunger for Success.
It is very important and basic factor in struggle that how much hunger of success we have because its level will decide the level of our commitment. This hunger will generate motivation and will fueled our desire of win. let your mind be Hungary for success.

Gain the knowledge .
Knowledge always has encouragement and nourishment for our struggle. Do all possible activity which builds the capabilities and seek every thing which gives your expertise for goals. Knowledge is fuel of journey towards your dream so accept everything which trigger the efforts.

Be humble and grateful.
We have a proverb that " Bent branches tend to bear more fruits." The more you Hungary for success , you must be more humble and grateful. So pay thanks to those who help you , appreciate those who puts hands to uplift you . All the above be grateful to your creator / Lord / Almighty God.

Believe in yourself .
Half of success comes when you start believing that Yes you can do it. This strong believe will assist you in hardships of path and will keep you fresh by self motivation. When you will learn the lessons by practical , it will remain in mind forever.

Don't compromise.
In the middle of your path you will feel some mini achievements , don't stay there. it is a trap , Don't compromise for less or leftovers . Always keep eye on your bigger goal and keep moving.

Endure Pain.
If you can't bear the pain , you cant succeed. Put your body in furnace of fire exactly as a ugly iron came out from Killen in beautiful shape tool. What happen in furnace ? iron gets heat , melted and then gets useful , well looking , attractive shape. So learn to adopt the pain , let your body ready to absorb the hardships. More your bear , better you will taste the success.

Final Thoughts.
First of all decide what you want to do then be committed on your decision with self believe and prepare your body to pay the price of success. You will be on winner's table and the world will present you the best.

I am thankful to you for reading my thoughts . like , act and drop a comment about my write up. I will welcome constructive criticism about mistakes in article and theme.

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It's really good thing we should always think preparing ourself is most key point to our success and motivate ourself properly.
Interesting read about self motivation and self growth.
Great write up with logics and intentions to change something. Sure these lines will boost the motivation to do more with commitment.
All the points are valued and appreciated. We must do the practice one by one or portion by portion but with consistency. Love to read !
Great Article
Endure pain and be humble, it's so hard to be that.
Gary Cartlidge
Solid advice and love the way it is written. GL in the upcoming market wish you the best