Polygon launches Aave's decentralized social media platform

21 May 2022

Aave's long-teased decentralized social media network has gone online weeks after Stani Kulechov was briefly removed from Twitter for dubbing himself "interim CEO of Twitter."

On stage at the Permissionless conference in Palm Beach, Florida, Kulechov stated that Lens Protocol launched on Wednesday's Polygon blockchain mainnet.

Decentralized social media networks, where individuals control their data, are now possible thanks to Aave Companies' decentralized social media network platform.

According to Kulechov, 

“Web 3 social ensures that users are in control of their content which makes the applications and algorithms compete on bringing the best experience layer to the users.”

People can start minting their accounts now, and Aave representative said, adding that Lens has already been used in approximately 50 applications.

Social graph protocols are emerging in the blockchain arena to combat worries about data ownership. CyberConnect, a disruptor of siloed data, said it had received $15 million to develop its protocol further. 

Also, Twitter creator Jack Dorsey has been a longtime supporter of decentralized social media experimentation.

Unlike Aave's Lens, which focuses only on NFTs, each creator has their NFT in the Aave ecosystem. 

There are more than 50 venues on which these "profile" NFTs may be used to connect with their following and communities right out of the gate.

As a bonus, Aave has announced a $250,000 funding program to support the development of Lens-based decentralized applications.

According to Kulechov, Aave and Lens have the same mindset regarding crypto.

To paraphrase what he stated, 

“We believe that the ownership of content and profiles should belong to you in the way that DeFi belongs to you.” 

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Oh wow, this is cool. I wasn't aware of this, I can't wait to check this platform out. Thanks for letting us know!
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Thanks for sharing more news about polygon! Love it!
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