My Tech Journey(Part 2)

13 Jul 2022

I have had my ups and downs in tech but at the moment I am still trying to figure out which of the fields will I enjoy most. Here are some skills I  have learned over the years Web Development, Digital Marketing, Product Management, Graphics Design, and 3D Design.

Of all the skills I have mentioned, I enjoy Product Marketing and 3D design more. Here are some reasons I have picked these two and which one I might end up choosing as a career path.

3D Design, firstly I love drawing and 3D design has given me a new perspective on how I see things. It has changed the way I see a design for the best. I was only used to seeing things in 2D when I was doing normal design but now I visualize things in 3D and this makes me really happy.

Product Management, Product Management entails supervising and ensuring that a product's entire lifecycle, from ideation to development to market launch, runs smoothly. You are in the planning, development, launch, and management stages of a product or service. I have never seen a better career path actually compared to this, helping the development of a product you believe in. This particular skill tops my list.

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