Trust & Truth

20 Sept 2022

Loving someone is giving them the power to break your heart, but trusting them not to. - Julianne Moore

Don’t give your trust away too quickly. Many have been stabbed severally, just because they thought they knew someone so well. Be careful how you trust. It takes years to know someone. Don't feel you know your friend so well to trust him with your secrets. Friends have become enemies along the way. 

Relationships, connections, great friendships, and even businesses have been ruined just because trust was abused. 

Has someone ever trusted you so much even when deep down you know you don't deserve their trust? Have you ever said "honestly" or "sincerely" when you were never honest or sincere? Do you find it difficult not to trust people? 

When people begin to trust your actions, they may tend to love you too; but whatever is built on lies will one day crumble. Trust starts and ends with truth.

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