It's Okay To Feel Sad

2 Nov 2022

Everyone experiences sadness from time to time, just as everyone experiences joy, rage, pride, and a wide range of other emotions. In other words, everyone experiences emotions, and those emotions are always shifting.

When we're having fun, for example, we may feel cheerful, yet other times we may feel depressed (such as when we lose a loved one). Whatever the emotions, they are genuine and necessary for living. Even a bad mood could be beneficial. Our culture prioritizes happiness and views unhappiness as a pointless emotion.

But sadness can slow you down, and make you really think about your life, your feelings and the people around you. It can help you keep sight of your relationships and dreams.
In other words, being sad doesn’t mean you are not coping with a situation. Rather, it helps you come to terms with that situation and move on. It is an important emotion that can help you adapt, accept, focus, persevere and grow.
And there’s more good news: you can learn to manage your sadness.

We use different words to talk about sadness: agony, anguish, broken heart, hurt, sorrow, dejection, dismay, homesickness, distress, unhappiness and more. All these emotions can occur in response to a negative or unexpected situations, or life changes.

Sadness often occurs at the same time as other feelings, such as anger, stress, guilt, grief, anxiety or hopelessness. Sometimes, the other feeling may be so strong that you don’t realise you are sad.

Then how does sadness feel? It might alter how you physically feel. You might be experiencing a headache, a stomachache, or trouble sleeping.
Sadness can alter your emotional state as well. Perhaps you are sad, irritable, bored, or frustrated, or you just want to stay away from people.
However, acknowledging your grief and realizing that it's alright to be sad are indicators of a steady sense of wellbeing.

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