The journey to Financial freedom

19 Oct 2022

Financial freedom is what we all strife for as we journey through life daily, but only a few people are able to achieve financial freedom in their lifetime.

Can someone really be financially free?

The answer is definitely Yes, anyone can be financially free if He/ She make the right financial decisions. It may be easy for some while others have to work and grind extra hard to be able to attain financial freedom.

But it must be noted, that with the right financial decisions, we all can attain a level of financial freedom.

How do we go about this journey to becoming totally financial free?

First, we'd have to be intentional about it, tell yourself that you really want to become financial free. That will automatically set the mind to work on ways to execute the decision.

Once our mind is set to becoming financially free, we'd then go ahead to think of possible ways we could become financial free. 

Reading books about how to manage and grow our finances is recommended, these books have a way to strengthen and mould our mind for the journey we're about to embark on.

Next is to try to earn more than we spend, or spend lesser than you earn. This way it would be possible to start investing (smart investment) and not taking uncalculated risks.

With this few information, you should be able to begin your journey.

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The grind to become financially independent and stable never ends it just keeps going and going, but we all have to stay strong and keep the hustle going
I don't think that someone would be financially free
If we want to be financially free ,we need to really work very hard
Financial Freedom 🤑 no doubt is the sought after life during one's existence but the principles aren't difficult but rather practicable. But remember one key thing is this: Knowledge is Information, Understanding is Comprehension but Wisdom is Application as Dr. Miles Monroe puts it so the key difference is not having the knowledge cause how profitable is a knowledge is you don't apply it. Selah 🧐🤔🧐
Financial freedom is what we all strife for as we journey through life daily, but only a few people are able to achieve financial freedom in their lifetime.
Ya we should be financially free
That is so nice so you guys keep going this is amazing project i like the way you write
Financial Freedom is endless that we just cant stop journeying on. We continually strife daily to make sure we are able to become financially free by all means, but this journey seems to never come to a halt. But then it doesn't mean we should stop the journey, because some day we will get to our destinantion
Truly, attaining financial freedom can be really exhausting. But then, it is not impossible. To everyone out there grinding. Keep it up, some day you will definitely get to a point of financial freedom
There are many things like increasing work stress, decreasing working life, trend of nuclear families, fast changing world, which are making life difficult. These are some of the main reasons why financial freedom becomes more important
I know it's possible for a person to be finally free but not many people in this world are. I think the ability of a person to be financially free starts from the head. You start analysing ideas in your head,you write it out and work hard with all focus. Learn to save tooo. Some people can't save which mostly leads to being broke or poverty. Draw out a good saving formula for yourself and never deviate from it.
We should be financial free
Liked this post, coz there are some practical examples. Great one
Some practical examples in this post. It is worth mentioning that financial freedom may be a luxury for some and that survival is intrinsic and must first be satisfied prior to moving to this level of freedom. Not all of us have that luxury and those that do may be and should assist others to ensure equality.