1 Oct 2022

What will you write today?

Today I will be talking about something a lot of us ignore in our relationships, Communication. Communication goes beyond talking, texts, and calls, and way deeper. It is not about the quantity, but the quality of time spent. So you can spend 24 hours with each other and still not be communicating.

Intelligent communication lies in being able to convey your message or emotions clearly for another person to understand. Not just beating around the bush and expecting the other person, or in this case, your partner to understand. it sucks!

Writers are so good at this. we suck at telling our real emotions. The ladies too. You'd suck in one corner while your guy is working and you feel that he will notice? Darlings he's a busy man! walk up to him, and sit on his lap, that's a very hot non-verbal cue and it gets to him straight enough, unless he's heartless.

Communicate better today!

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