Diabetes Cure Part-1

5 Sept 2022
Protein diet is best in diabetes but food can be fatal in these situations:

Why not Eat Protein Diet When Sugar Increases: 
Taking a protein diet is considered the best in diabetes, but if you are suffering from two other diseases along with high blood sugar, then protein can be fatal for you.

If the blood sugar is not controlled in diabetes, then it starts putting pressure on many parts of the body. The special thing is that diabetes also brings with it many other diseases. Controlling sugar is easy with diet control and exercise.

Diabetes patients are advised to take rough things with high protein diet, but if you are suffering from uric acid and kidney problems apart from diabetes, then protein will be like poison for you. Consuming a protein diet keeps the stomach full for a long time and this is the reason why eating high protein is beneficial in diabetes but only when there is no problem related to kidney or uric acid.

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You will be surprised to know that those people who have this disease of diabetes have no idea about the serious facts related to this disease. People only know that the disease of diabetes is caused by eating sugar only or it is reduced by stopping eating sugar.
Avoid smoking and taking alcohol. Eat a high fiber diet, consume more protein. Don't let vitamin D deficiency happen. Because, lack of vitamin D increases the risk of diabetes.
Diabetes can be controlled only through a healthy diet and physical activity. Patients with diabetes are also more prone to diseases such as obesity and heart disease. Diabetes patients need to include such foods in their diet, which can keep their blood sugar level under control.