Avenger Team (5/6)

12 Jun 2022

Originally ,there are six members in avengers including Thor , black Widow ,Iron Man, Captain America ,Hulk and Hawkeye. They have unique powers and team is really strongs and powerful and has saved Earth from many dangers and enemy.
The fifth avenger is Black widow and she is only female avengers among original or classical avenger teams. Her real name is Natasha Romanoff and she is one of most dangerous fighter in hand to hand combat in marvel universes. During fights, she uses some of techincal weapons manufactured by stark Industries.She has spent her childhood with some agency that uses female as some short of weapons and call them by 'Black Widow'.
As avenger members are mostly dedicated or related to some infinity stones  ,she represents reality stones. Many people believes her that she isn't ,I mean she has suffered a lot and most of the people are still unknown about her true reality and others.
In MCU , she has own solo movies named by 'Black Widow' and she has almost appered in avengers first to endgame.

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