Girls need to grow up

9 Feb 2023

There was once a young girl.

She was nice and enjoyed twirling when wearing clothes.

She left her mark wherever she went.

Her affection was lavished upon her, and her smile was nearly contagious.

The young girl eventually grew up nevertheless.

And her tea didn't go into her cup as readily.

She didn't have the best luck, and the real reason why is that people are lousy.

She lost pals when she was an adolescent.

mostly due to the fact that high school has an end.

However, she was called names and lads played a series of games with her heart.

But don't be deceived by this information.

She still had the option of being herself.

She occasionally had the opportunity to dress herself in the same manner as when she was a young girl, and she enjoyed watching herself spin in front of the mirror.

She was mistaken in thinking that growing older had destroyed her because she was still capable of being sweet.

She nevertheless left a mark with each of her feet.

She was still capable of flashing that infectious smile.

And it was worthwhile for her to be here on Earth.

She missed that, though, because of the names and the games.

She merely believed that she was being treated worse than a soiled doormat.

People didn't seem to notice that she was lost, and their statements hurt because I was that little girl.

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